How Do I Shop?

How Do I Register

Browse the Site Before Registration

For added convenience we are now allowing our customers to browse the site without having to register. However to place an order, you will have to register with us. For customers who want to register from the outset simply select the "GO" button next to the "Signup for Online Shopping" text and new customers can register by selecting the “Signup” button

Reward Card Signup

For customer with a rewards card, we have made it even easier. They can just enter their rewards card number, the first name and last name associated with the rewards card and select “Signup”. This will pre-populate the new customer registration form.

New Customer Signup

When you register with us for the first time you will need to give us some details including your email address and contact details. For customers who do not have a rewards card, you will automatically be given a card so they you too can avail of the benefits and rewards points and bonuses associated with a rewards card.

Validating Your Address

When you have filled in all the mandatory information and selected your local store, we will need to validate your address to ensure that you are within an area that is served by SuperValu. If you do not see your area on the store validation popup, please select the link "I cannot find my area" and you will still be able to avail of our click & collect service.
Once you have either found your area in the validation popup or selected the link "I cannot find my area" you can choose if you would like to be the first to hear about any of our special offers or promotions.

Your Privacy

Please note that your information is held within the Data Protection Act Guidelines.

Ready to Shop!

Once you reach the registration confirmation page, you are ready to shop! Your registered email address is displayed and for anyone that has signed up without a rewards card, a temporary rewards card number will be displayed and assigned to your account so you can start earning points straight away. You are now ready to shop!

New and Returning Customers - How Do I Shop?

Getting Started

Firstly, you need to choose which way you would like to shop, either home delivery or store click & collect.

If you've already registered with us, just enter your email address and password on the homepage and select "GO" to start shopping.
If you are a new customer, you have the option of either browsing our site and signing up later or signing up now by selecting the "GO" button beside the "Signup for Online Shopping" popup. Follow the registration step described in “How do I register”.

If you just want to browse the site, then select the “GO” button beside the “Start Shopping and Signup Later” text, select your area and browse out site!

Finding & Adding Products

Adding products to your basket could not be easier. You have the option of searching for products or browsing through our departments. To search, just enter the product that you are looking for in the search field and click “GO”.

To browse departments then start by selecting one of the departments on the left hand side for example Bakery. This will break down into a further subset of categories. Once you have reached the product listing, then all products in that category will be displayed. Remember there are 20 products displayed per page so don’t forget your product may not be on the first page.

To add these products to your basket enter your preferred quantity and select the "ADD" button. To view your basket, select “View my basket” button on the top right hand corner of your screen. Any product now in your basket will display a trolley icon indicating that the product is in your basket with the quantity. If you want to change the amount in your basket, select the quantity button and select "Update".

To remove items from your basket, select the delete bin on the left hand side of each product. To remove everything from your basket, select the "Clear Basket" button and all items will be removed. Don't forget to select the "Update Basket" button in order to commit any changes that are made to your basket. This will permanently remove any items from your basket.

You may notice that some products have a "Select weight" button. This is because some products are available by unit or by kg. In order to add these products to your basket, click the "Select weight" button which will display a popup, where you can enter your desired quantity and select "ADD" to add the item to your basket.

How to Checkout

To go to the next step, which is Checkout, select the "Go to Checkout" button on the top right hand side.

Once you have logged into Checkout, you can book a delivery or click & collect slot. It is important to book the slot that is most convenient for you. Once you have chosen a time that suits you, select "Continue Checkout" and you will enter your billing details.

Once you have entered your credit card details, you can choose a saved address or enter a separate billing address to associate with your credit card.

There are a number of options pay at checkout. You can redeem rewards vouchers and promotional coupons as long as they are used according to their conditions of use.

As soon as you select "Place order" the confirmation page will be displayed with your grocery order reference number and estimated order total. A confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address.